Stink Rising announces the signing of award-winning producing duo, MrMr to their global directing roster. 

As the two people who launched Stink Rising back in 2018, this is the perfect place for them to launch their careers as as directors.

Katie Lambert and Martha McGuirk, otherwise known as MrMr, first met in 2017 in Marrakech on a ghost tour. They reconnected in 2019 when Lambert was hired by Stink Films as the Head of Music and tapped McGuirk to come on as the producer. A year later, Lambert and McGuirk left Stink and founded their own production company, MrMr Films, where they produced high-end campaigns and music videos with directors such as Lope Serrano aka CANADA, Felix Brady, Georgia Hudson, Terrence Neale and Salomon Ligthelm,for Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Samsung, and Remy Martin’s Super Bowl campaign featuring Serena Williams. Together they’ve won numerous awards at UKMVAs, Clios, D&AD awards, 1.4 awards, AICP Awards and Ciclope Festival amongst others.

In the last few years, MrMrhave co-directed music videos with artists such as Wet Leg and Self Esteem, eventually growing into fully fledged films, including a short for Suede’s album Autofiction. MrMr also have multiple feature films in development and have been busy writing. As writers and directors, their knack for stylish humour and character driven storylines comes through in their first short film ‘Eat It,' a gut busting comedy with heartbreak and cherry pie at its core. Released today, the film has been recognised at Birmingham Film Festival, Oslo film festival, Oaxaca Film Festival and New York Shorts so far and continues its festival run.

MrMr have the sort of flair that comes from years of working in music videos, but at the heart of it all, their films are about having big feelings and making bad decisions. They will continue to produce their own work as well as directing it. This gives MrMr a unique advantage, they close the gap between the creation of the idea and the execution, meaning as a duo they are able to fully realise an idea and have an understanding of how to bring a concept to life.

MrMr, directors, Stink Rising: “It’s nice to be back and pestering all our old co-workers to try and get us scripts. Jokes aside, we’ve seen first hand the skill and care of the Stink EPs and we’re incredibly grateful they are giving us their time and talent.”

Blake Powell, Stink Global Head of Film adds: “Katie and Martha have long been part of the Stink family and I'm excited to have them back, this time as directors. They are sharp, ambitious directors who have a highly valuable background in production with an eye for creatively driven stories.”